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NPA awards success 'proudest and most uplifting experience in a long time'

4th Dec 2016 / By Alistair Driver

NPA chief executive Zoe Davies has described the association's double success at last month's National Pig Awards as her 'proudest and most uplifting experience in a long time'.

ZoeIn her December column for Pig World, Zoe describes 2016 as a 'rollercoaster' year, with the pressure on antibiotic use and Brexit ensuring 'life is never dull!'

She wrote: "The year’s crowning moment came at the National Pig Awards, though. The whole NPA team was there, but none of us suspected what was going to happen.

"As Richard Longthorp started the citation for the Chris Brant award, I was primed, ready to take a picture of the well-deserving recipient. As I listened to Richard speak about how the winner dealt with animal rights, planning applications and media pressure, I started to get a little indignant. Who was he flipping talking about? That’s what WE do!

"But when he mentioned how they feel every stress and strain and were woven into the fabric of the industry, the penny dropped. I looked at Lizzie (Wilson): surely not – staff don’t win awards.

"Sure enough, the NPA received a special award for services to the pig industry.
I have to say, it was the proudest, most uplifting experience I have had in a long time. To be honoured by the people you serve is a wonderful thing, and we were all so very touched and very chuffed… Thank you!"

Zoe added: "It was also lovely to see our chairman, Richard Lister, given the Chris Brant award. While he might often be AWOL, shooting, or on some other jolly, he does work bloody hard, not just on his own units, where he is always grafting or fixing something, but also supporting the NPA team; promoting the industry at the highest level and offering practical advice."

  • In my December PW column, I look at the dual antibiotic challenge the pig sector in the wake of some of the misleading publicity around the subject, including the Wellcome Trust's unwelcome intervention.