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Rebrand for Ladies in Pigs as they celebrate three decades promoting British pork

8th Jan 2021 / By Alistair Driver

Ladies in Pigs (LIPs), who have been tirelessly promoting British pork for nearly three decades, are rebranding all aspects of the business. 

Lips rebrand

After taking ownership of ‘Rosie’, the mobile kitchen, it was felt a new look was needed to reflect changes in the organisation’s focus, also covering everything from the uniform and the wrap on the kitchen, to learning resources and additional display elements.

“The team at Ladies in Pigs have always represented British farmers and promoted their work,” chairwoman, Debbie Wilson said. “We have also been working hard within education to inspire the next generation to enjoy and use British Red tractor produce, including pork, as their food of choice.

“The rebrand will, we hope, inspire a younger demographic to become members of LIPs, to continue the work and to complement the amazing members we have had since the start!”

Lips logoThe team worked alongside designers at its main sponsor AHDB on the rebrand, a collaboration that was greatly appreciated, Debbie added.

The relaunch went live on January 4, at the start of LIPs’ 30th anniversary year, with a new, improved website that you can view HERE.

"The new website features new clearer page navigation to different areas and more connectivity for visitors both young and old!  For the first time, people who wish to book the ladies for an event, can do so from the exciting new events map!" Debbie said.

When the team, which now includes the NPA's Andrea Trante on its executive team, are safely able to resume their live events, all the other parts of the rebrand will be rolled out across the country.

“When you see Ladies in Pigs at an event, you will now see a modern, streamlined and coordinated look to all of their delivery; but there will still be the friendly, informative and approachable team of ladies," Debbie added.

"Over the years, there has been some confusion about who Ladies in Pigs are and what their purpose is. They are all about education and information about British pork and are often seen demonstrating its varied uses by giving away free samples to all visitors they see – they definitely do not sell burgers or cold drinks!

"Through the work that has been done, this message is now clear for anyone who sees the team out and about across the country."

Red Tractor pork chair Stewart Houston congratulated LIPs for 30 years of being the ‘Beacon of Light for the pig industry’.

“The new team are building on the start the stalwarts made all those years ago. People like Glenda, Miranda, Helen, Carol, Christianne and Francis epitomised the determination of the sector to win through, no matter the odds.

"Debbie is rising to the new challenges pig farmers are facing, encouraging young ladies to support the work they do in informing shoppers of the versatility of pork.”