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Retaining your existing EU staff after Brexit

9th Aug 2019 / By Andrea Vickers

EU, EEA and Swiss citizens and their non-EU family members can apply now to the EU Settlement Scheme. The Home Office scheme applies whether we leave the EU with or without a deal and to date, more than 900,000 people have already applied.

Under the Scheme, successful applicants are granted either pre-settled or settled status. This means EU citizens and their family members can continue to work in the UK; use public services like the NHS; and use public funds, such as pensions, after we leave the EU.

How employers can help

Lots of employers want to offer reassurance to their employees and make sure they have the right information. To do this, a toolkit has been developed to help employers raise awareness of the EU Settlement Scheme amongst their employees.

There are no changes to current right to work checks and these won’t change until the Future Skills Based Immigration System is introduced in 2021.

EU Settlement Scheme Toolkit

The toolkit is designed to help employers inform their EU employees about the EU Settlement Scheme. Please click here to download the toolkit.  It includes resources such as:

  • Briefing pack – provides key information about the EU Settlement Scheme and can be used for presentations, face-to-face events or webinars with EU citizens.
  • Leaflets, factsheets and application flowcharts – materials for EU citizens, focusing on eligibility requirements, how to apply and the support services available.
  • Posters – raises awareness about important dates and actions. Can be displayed in communal areas of your organisation or online portals.
  • Downloadable videos – to raise awareness of the Scheme on social media and other platforms. Videos are available on GOV.UK.


Translated versions are available on GOV.UK in 25 European languages and Welsh. These include:

  • One-page factsheet
  • EU Settlement Scheme campaign poster
  • Videos about the Scheme and how to apply.

Translated application guidance will be available on GOV.UK in due course.

Defra will continue to share information in a timely way in the run up to Brexit and the launch of the Future Skills Based Immigration System by the Home Office. Home Office staff are also are happy to work with you on any engagement activity in your sector.