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TVC update belies claims of poor market conditions

26th May 2020 / By Alistair Driver

Thames Valley Cambac's (TVC) latest market update paints a relatively positive picture, belying claims of poor market conditions from some within the supply chain. 

There were still some coronavirus staffing issues at a few sites last week, but pre-arranged contract kill space helped to keep disruption to a minimum, the weekly report said.

"Trading into a Bank holiday week used to mean the market backed up. Recently, however, most majors have killed through, and this was the case this week," it added.

"This good undercurrent of demand belies some of the comments and indications from processors complaining about poor market conditions.

"Supply remained tight and average weights eased again. Prices were a stand on across the board, as were newly negotiated monthly contract contributions."

The fresh meat trade continued to hold its own in the face of cheap imports, with particularly good demand from some of the smaller outlets. Cull sow prices stood on as well, stopping a six week run of negative quotes.

The European picture improved as well – Germany up 6 eurocents and Belgium up 8. Price quotes in sterling were enhanced as well by a stronger Euro that ended the week up 1.21p at 89.94p

Weaner demand also improved, but supply tightened this week, as the market fundamentals 'flipped around'. AHDB prices saw the weighted average for a 30kg store pig fall by £1.31 to £57.83, and the weighted average for a 7kg weaner fall by 83p to £41.81.

European Prices (p/kg.dwt) w/c 24/05/20    Movement on last week

European Av.                           141.85             + 3.25

Belgium                                  120.31             + 8.52

Denmark                                 141.09             - 1.69

France                                    145.28             + 1.09

Germany                                 149.31             + 7.32

Ireland                                     160.10             + 2.15

Holland                                    129.26             + 3.25

Spain                                       147.65             + 2.09

(Ref Weekly Tribune)