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The #PorkReport - how are retailers backing UK pig farmers?

25th Feb 2022 / By Alistair Driver

The NPA is launching a new social media campaign to highlight what retailers are doing to support British Pig farmers during this time of crisis. 

The return of the Pork Report will aim to highlight the good examples where retailers are doing their best to back British producers in their sourcing, promotion, labelling and display of British pork products.

We are also keen to highlight where retailers could be doing more to get British pork moving off farms and onto their grateful customers’ plates.

How you can take part

When visiting your local supermarket(s), please take a picture of the pork on the shelves.

Are there lots of clearly labelled and prominently displayed British products? Is the Red Tractor logo prominent?

Or is there a lot of imported meat, including bone-in product? And where there is imported product, is it clear to shoppers where it came from?

Of course, we understand that retailers will need to import some pork products, but we want to see as much British pork products on supermarket shelves as possible.

And what we particularly want to avoid are products that have been imported and butchered here, so look for anything imported that is bone-in - we need all the butchery resource we have got for British products at the moment!

You can post your images and any comment on your own social media accounts, tagging both NPA and the retailer using #PorkReport.

Alternatively you can send the images and location to us and we’ll post via the GB Pork twitter account, simply email Andrea .

Examples so far

Here's a positive example of lots of British pork on display at a Lidl store. 

PR Lidl

Less impressively, here are some pork chops in a Tesco outlet that have been reared in Holland, slaughtered in Germany and packed in the UK, all under the Woodside Farms brand.

PR Tesco chops 

PR Tesco chops 2 

And sticking with Tesco, here are pork ribs from Ireland? But with so many pigs backed up on farms, could they not have come from closer to home?

PR Tesco ribs


PR Tesco ribs 2