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Two more election candidates confirmed - it's 13-all

5th Jan 2018 / By Alistair Driver

There are now 13 candidates for both the Producer Group and Allied Industry Group elections, after two more nominations were confirmed.  

Robin BrightThe latest candidate for the PG election comes from the South West. Robin Bright, who farms at Honiton in Devon and has been in pigs for over 40 years, runs a two-site wean-to-finish unit, with the primary objective of the most cost efficient production, finishing 14,000 pigs a year, all wet fed and controlled environment.

"We have enjoyed a run of good prices and I see no reason why this shouldn't continue, if we were to marginally increase sales. But it won't just happen. We are going to have to spend our money to advertise," he says in his election manifesto, which can be viewed here.

ThwaitesThe most recent name into the hat for the AIG election is Gemma Thwaites from the Garth Pig Practice.

"Having a day-to-day knowledge of the health and welfare issues in pig production, allied to my wider understanding of the political drives and concerns, put me in a strong position to provide a veterinary and health input to the committee," Gemma says. 

"It's an exciting industry we work in, full of dedicated hard-working people and I would be privileged to be a part of the fantastic work that NPA does in keeping it that way."

To read Gemma's manifesto click here

Deadline rapidly approaching...

There is still time to get your nomination in... just. 

Nominations close next Monday, January 8. 

To nominate, click here

The dedicated NPA election website also includes full election rules, plus the manifestos of the 24 candidates confirmed so far and a detailed history of the NPA, highlighting why producer representation matters so much to this industry.  

Online voting begins on January 22.