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Ukrainian pig sector appeals for support as war causes crisis 'of enormous scale'

21st Mar 2022 / By Alistair Driver

The Association of Ukrainian pig breeders has issued a plea for humanitarian assistance as the war generates an 'enormous' crisis for the country's pig industry. 

The association has contacted the NPA and other pig industry bodies around the world to request feed and veterinary products to try and help 1,400-strong Ukrainian pig sector can survive this critical period. 

"The war, started by Russia has caused a crisis of enormous scale that threatens the food
security, particularly the animal protein supply," it said. 

"The industry is currently under extreme circumstances that are far from routine: vast areas are in close proximity to war zones, numerous pig producers cannot sell pigs to be slaughtered, some of them are isolated by occupiers and have no choice but to euthanise the animals.

"Traditional supply chains are broken: access to certain feed ingredients and veterinary products is limited due to problems with logistics as well as lack of revolving funds in sending collecting and shipping to Ukraine of any amount of products listed." 

The message to the global pork sector lists certain feed ingredients and veterinary products needed to maintain the country's 3.6 million-strong pig herd. 

The list can be viewed HERE

The letter adds: "We highly appreciate any help as it might make the consequences of the war less devastating not only for the Ukrainian pig producers, but for the whole country!" 

Can you help? 

NPA vice chairman Hugh Crabtree urged the pig industry businesses to consider whether they would be able to help. 

"The appalling situation in Ukraine is having hugely negative impacts in all parts of the country's economy. None more so than in livestock production and the intensive sectors are at particular risk," he said. 

Highlighting the urgent request for help from the Ukrainian pig sector, he added: "Can your company help or do you know of any system that is already in place to offer such help that others might be able to support?

He urged people to get in touch with him if they wanted to offer or were already involved with a support scheme -