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Urgent action required as farrowing crate debate returns to Commons

12th Mar 2020 / By Alistair Driver

A debate on ending ‘the cage age’, which was postponed in the autumn, is now due to take place in the House of Commons on March 16.

Farrowing crate 3The NPA is again asking members and supporters, including those who have already done so, to contact their MPs to explain why banning farrowing crates would be a mistake.

“A prominent part of the campaign is calling for Defra to ban the use of farrowing crates and we need as many MPs as possible to challenge that request,” NPA senior policy adviser Ed Barker said.

“The NPA is asking for you to help us by contacting your MP as soon as possible, telling them why farrowing crates are necessary, and what the consequences would be of an outright ban.

“Thank you to everyone, including producer and allied industry members and vets, who have already contacted your MP. We are seeing evidence that our messages are getting through. We are asking if you can contact your MP again, referring to your earlier letter and then reminding them that the debate has been rescheduled and that they still need your support.”  

How to contact your MP

A template letter, and briefing note, which can be posted or emailed to your MP, will be circulated with Monday’s Piggy Points.

In the meantime, you can request the template letter via  or you can access the text via the Members' Area.

Please amend it where necessary for your business or circumstances.

You can access the NPA's farrowing crate briefing, updated this month, here

We need your help!

“We need as many members to rally to this as possible, and outline the shortcomings of this approach, or a future ban could be a real possibility, especially with the current Defra Ministerial team in place,” Ed added. 

“We are fully supportive of those who wish to move in this direction and are looking for Government financial support to allow it, but we do not believe that a ban is the right way forward. 

“Since last September a number of new MPs have moved into post, and this is a great opportunity to inform them of farrowing crates’ purpose. Producer or allied industry member, we need your help!”

If you are unsure who your MP is or how to contact them, you can find their details by putting in your postcode here.

If you hear back from your MP, please do let the NPA know. 

The debate, which follows a petition circulated by Green NGOs that gained more than 100,000 signatures, was postponed in September due to the prorogation of parliament.