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What's going on with the SPP?

10th Apr 2019 / By Zoe Davies

Frustrated producers had the opportunity to quiz AHDB last night at the NPA meeting in Diss about what may have caused last week’s drop in SPP. Many were left scratching their heads as to how the UK price dipped after seeing large price increases on the continent over the last couple of weeks. Several contributing factors were cited, including various processor breakdowns, out of spec pigs being traded after rolled loads and a shift in agreed contract prices.

However, the main discussion centred around the fact that the SPP was still being used as a major part of many contracts and appeared to be being artificially supressed in an attempt to delay the inevitable price rises. Producers questioned the impact that omitting additional payments would have on the price (especially those paid retrospectively following breakdowns for example) and expressed concern that the RPA was taking over the auditing of prices given their track record and lack of experience.

NPA will be talking confidentially to a range of producer members over the coming weeks so that we can get an idea of the scale of the issue and any member who wishes to can send in information anonymously via the ‘contact us’ link.

Kate Mellor from AHDB helpfully offered to take concerns back to AHDB Pork for discussion at the Board so we would urge producers to contact  Kate directly ( )  to ensure that this important issue is properly addressed. She has also provided a helpful document which explains how the SPP and APP are calculated for those that are unsure.