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YNPA visit to Lallemand

17th Jun 2022 / By Rebecca Veale

A group of YNPA members headed to Malvern on June 15 to Lallemand’s bacteria production facility.

YNPA Lallemand

The group were lucky enough to have a tour of the factory and laboratories to understand more about the fermentation process and the quality controls which are in place every step of the way.

YNPA trainingThe team at Lallemand very kindly took the group through how yeast is also produced and the many ways in which extracts can be used – from wine and bread to supplements and cosmetics the opportunities are vast and reach far beyond animal nutrition.

The group also learnt about how biofilms can be used in a positive way, and the lesser-known brain gut axis – a truly fascinating morning!

After lunch the topic changed completely and AHDB joined the group to talk about the media and social media. Despite a little reluctance to begin with, the group soon cracked on and were putting into practice what they’d learnt by filming and interviewing each other.

Media training is something YNPA members have highlighted as an area they’d like to cover and so, given the success of the session with AHDB the team, we will look to run this again.

The day ended in YNPA style with a few drinks and some delicious food.