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Young NPA is changing!

22nd Sep 2023 / By Charlie Dewhirst

Following on from the Young NPA National in 2022, when making the YNPA a paid membership category in its own right was initially discussed, NPA and the YNPA steering group, along with the NPA Board, have discussed how this may work and what benefits should be included within the membership.

It has since been suggested by the NPA’s Pig Industry Group that the subscription amount should be a nominal amount per year.  So, that said, from January 2024, anyone aged between 18-40 will need to join the association formally by paying an annual subscription of £20. 

All current members will need to complete the new membership application form and submit it to Andrea by email () no later than December 1, 2023 if they wish to remain in YNPA past December 31, 2023.

Membership will run in line with the other membership categories starting from January 1 through to December 31 each calendar year, and you will receive your membership renewal in the December for payment in January. 

There are a number of ways you can pay: bank transfer, over the phone on a debit or credit card, a one-off direct debit payment, or if you’re old school and still have one, by cheque!

The board have also agreed on when membership should cease, as for a long time YNPA has had a few members who no longer qualify due to their age. It has therefore been decided that membership will cease in the December of the year you turn 40. 

Membership will also cease if payment of subs is not paid by March 31 of the membership year.

The benefits of joining as a paid member are also changing; there will of course still be events and the National every year and these will still be offered on a first come basis with usual limited number of places per allied company to keep it fair for everyone. However, it may mean we can offer more places in the first instance.

You will still receive your weekly Piggy Points, and invites to NPA meetings, but you will also now get access to the members area of the website, with your own unique log in, and your own copy of Pig World magazine each month sent to your home address.

By making it a subscription membership we hope to be able to open it up to a wider audience within the pig industry, allowing those who may work for a non NPA member to join. We have also decided to allow students studying at university the opportunity to join providing they provide evidence to support their application and a university email address, in order to verify their credentials.

If you have any questions regarding the new format of membership, please contact either Charlie, Andrea, Lee or Emma who will be happy to discuss it further.