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#BiteIntoBritish message continues to spread on social media

10th Nov 2021 / By Alistair Driver

The #BiteIntoBritish message continues to spread on social media, highlighting the many benefits of putting British food on your plate.  

This post from Kate Morgan, one of the drivers behind the campaign, asks consumers to consider some key questions: 

  • Is this best to eat?
  • Has it come far to feed you?
  • What standards does it meet?
  • Is it British 
  • Is it high animal welfare
  • And low carbon footprint.

Bite Into British KMOthers have posted similar messages to promote the sustainability of British farming produce, and as the COP26 conference shines the spotlight on all contributors to climate change, this is all about highlighting the positive story that underpins the food we produce. 

Meanwhile, Hugh Crabtree, the NPA's vice chairman has got the public right behind the message, at least those attending a concert by folk group Talisk, who were more than happy to 'Bite Into British'. 

Bite Into British Hugh 

And here is a great example of the message being used to highlight the sustainability of British pig farming by Anna's Happy Trotters

Bite Into British Anna

Launching the campaign at the start of this month, the Morgan sisters, Vicky, Kate and Rachel, said they wanted all people connected to farming get involved. 

"Farming is in the media a lot at the moment, most of it is negative so let’s change it, let’s shout about climate friendly British produce, be it meat, fruit, grain, veg this is about us all! We are environmentally sustainable – lets buy British and cut our food miles down!

"Following on from the ice bucket challenge and the loo roll challenge we will ALL do a video holding a British product (Red Tractor, RSPCA etc) and say ‘BITE INTO BRITISH’ - Then take a bite from your sausage, cheese, apple, carrot, whatever you want and then nominate 3 people, people outside of farming or famous would be great.

"You can include more info about why you are doing this but the main message is BITE INTO BRITISH, you must put #biteintobritish in order to get it trending."