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eMB-Pigs entries reach 8 million mark

21st Dec 2016 / By Alistair Driver

Data covering more than 8 million pigs across nearly 800 sites has been entered onto the eMB-Pigs system so far, the latest figures from AHDB Pork show.

embThe figures confirm further progress has been in recent weeks, as the drive to record collective pig industry antibiotic data continues. 

The figures show, cumulatively, across 792 sites, data covering 4,019,598 finishers and 4,245,446 weaners has been recorded on the database. This is alongside entries for 174,155 breeding animals.

The figures represent 22 per cent of 2015 slaughterings and 18 per cent of 2016 slaughterings.

While things are moving in the right direction, there is still some way to go to reach the industry target of data covering 70 per cent of production. This the figure considered necessary to give a credible indication of wider industry usage, ahead of talks to set new 10-year sector targets to reduce and refine antibiotic usage.

Take ownership

NPA senior policy advisor Georgina Crayford has urged producers to take ownership of entering their own data onto eMB-Pigs, with support from veterinary and feed companies.

"It is about us collectively taking ownership of our destiny. If we do not have the data, we are effectively sidelined. The Government will decide for us, based on what it assumes we currently use, partly based on data presented by other sectors," she said.

"NPA had also been working closely with the feed and veterinary sectors, which are very willing to offer support to producers by ensuring they have the correct data and understand it.

"They are doing everything they can to get the appropriate data to producers in a timely fashion and in a standardised format. That will make life much easier for producers."

"But ultimately, it is the responsibility of producers to enter their data onto eMB-Pigs and we want you to take ownership of this."

AHDB Pork’s comprehensive guide to using the database has been available online since the end of November and is due to be distributed in the January edition of Pig World.

Next year, entering antibiotic data onto eMB-Pigs on a quarterly basis is set to become a requirement of the Red Tractor scheme, trumping the need for annual medicine recording.