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2023 membership renewals reminder!

13th Dec 2022 / By Andrea Vickers

As we head ever closer to Christmas and the end of our membership and financial year, we have been busy preparing your membership renewal for 2023.

For those yet still to pay your 2022 subscription, we would be grateful if you could get this in by Dec 31!

2023 renewals forms are in the process of being sent out. For those of you who already pay by direct debit, the renewals are already out in the post. Please bear in mind that Royal Mail do have a back log and there may be a delay in you receiving your copy.

For those of you yet to sign up to direct debit, your renewal form will be posted in the first week of January to hopefully avoid them getting lost in the backlog of post over the Christmas period.

For our producer members not yet signed up to the direct debit scheme, you can now take up the option of splitting your annual subscription over 10 monthly payments. If you wish to take up this offer, please complete and return the original direct debit mandate that is enclosed with your renewal and tick the 10-month option - we will then send you a direct debit schedule.

Please remember to pay your subscription promptly and get in touch as soon as possible if you need to make an amendment to your membership.

We rely on your membership to do the great work we do!