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APHA releases new ASF update

23rd Dec 2019 / By Rebecca Veale

Defra/APHA have released the latest situation assessment for African swine fever (ASF) in Europe.

The assessment highlights there continues to be a general decrease in the number of outbreaks in domestic pigs and cases in wild boar in Eastern Europe. Since November, outbreaks in domestic pigs have only been observed in Romania, Russia and Ukraine, and these have largely been in backyard herds.

Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria continue to report high numbers of cases of ASF in wild boar. In west Poland there have been almost 70 cases of ASF in wild boar reported. The furthest west of these is now just 40km from the German border.

Poland has constructed a 120km fence between the provinces of Lubusz and Greater Poland to limit wild boar movement and Germany is on high alert for the disease, expecting further cases and spread in the coming weeks.

Some cases in Bulgaria have been reported to be close to Macedonia and Greece, both of which are currently ASF free

Belgium has reported one more case of ASF in wild boar since Defra’s last report on 26 November. The carcase was discovered within the fenced area of Luxembourg and had been dead for over three months.

You can read the full update here