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British pig sector can be 'very  proud' of its animal health

4th Dec 2017 / By Digby Scott

Hats off to the pig industry’s allied trades… they're now fielding seven candidates in NPA’s Allied Industry Group election. 

Lydia harrisonLydia-Jane Harrison is clear that if elected she wouldn’t be representing her company Huvepharma as a single entity.

Rather, it will be her responsibility to represent the whole of the pharmaceutical sector and to align the objectives of NPA to other pharma companies and the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH).

‘I believe passionately in animal health and that the pig industry in the United Kingdom can be very proud of the job we do,’ she says in her election address.

‘That said, I believe I can bring perspectives from other livestock sectors and a better understanding of medicine innovation, research and development in the pig sector, especially in light of Brexit.’

Read Lydia-Jane’s full election address here