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Defra seeking views on eAML2 replacement

30th Aug 2017 / By Alistair Driver

Defra is seeking the views of pig keepers to help it develop a new reporting system to replace the current eAML2 system.

The Department is looking for views from across the livestock sector on what works and what doesn’t in the current system for reporting births, deaths and movements of all farmed species and commercial horses. This includes pig keepers, both large and small, to get their perspective on how eAML2 works for pigs.

“By better understanding what pig keepers are doing we can shape the new service around keepers needs. This is a great chance to shape the service and see what’s coming next,” Defra said.

Interviews are planned throughout 2017 and would involve two researchers visiting your farm for around an hour.

NPA chief executive Zoe Davies said: “From our perspective, it is important to stress that the system is certainly not broken for pigs, even it isn’t working well for other sectors. They also want to bring in commercial horses, but not pets, under the same banner.

“Another key change will be the introduction of individual ID for cattle to comply with EU law, replacing BCMS in the UK.

“Our job is to ensure that we get an improvement on eAML2, not something worse. So as this new system is likely to be replacing eAML2, it is vital that the team developing it understand the needs of the pig sector and engage with both small and large businesses, producers and marketing groups. The more people that get involved the better, so please make the effort!”

Make your voice heard

If you are prepared to put yourself forward for interview to help ensure we get our views across, contact us at

Or contact us at the same address with your thoughts on how the eAML2 system works for you – the good and the not so good – and on how it could be improved. We will forward your views to Defra.