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3rd Aug 2017


Porkwatch survey confirms Co-op's backing for British pork

Despite the hugely positive steps taken by the Co-op to source British pigmeat, supermarket imports of bacon have risen over the past year.

2nd Aug 2017


ASF UK pig industry's biggest exotic disease concern

The risk of African Swine Fever (ASF) entering the UK pig population has been identified as number one exotic diseases concern for the industry.

1st Aug 2017


African Swine Fever continues its deadly spread

African Swine Fever continues its deadly spread

African Swine Fever has been identified for the first time in Romania, in domestic pigs on a backyard holding. Whilst the source is stated as unknown, humans are most likely to be the cause as many of these European countries struggle to express the importance of not feeding swill to back yard pig keepers.

1st Aug 2017


Report highlights below average UK farm antibiotic use

UK farm animal use of antibiotics is comparatively low against many of its European neighbours, according to a European report.

31st Jul 2017


Farmers and vets urged to stick by antibiotic guidelines

Farmers and vets are being urged to continue following current prescription guidelines and completing courses of animal treatments.

28th Jul 2017


Ed's Brexit round-up

The latest instalment in NPA senior advisor Ed Barker's round-up of the week's Brexit related developments affecting the pig sector.

27th Jul 2017


Don't bring it home! AHDB Pork warns of ASF risk

AHDB Pork has produced some new materials urging the UK pig industry to do everything in its powers to keep African Swine Fever out of the country. 

26th Jul 2017


BVA demands Brexit clarity on welfare standards

The BVA has demanded clarity from the Government on animal welfare standards, following the publication of a House of Lords report.

25th Jul 2017


NPA welcomes Lords report into post-Brexit import risk

The NPA has welcomed a House of Lords report warning of the threat to UK producers of allowing the country to be flooded by low standard food imports.

25th Jul 2017


Lords committee echoes NPA concerns over post-Brexit cheap food policy

A Lords committee has warned UK producers would be placed at a competitive disadvantage if Brexit resulted in a flood of lower standard imports.