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2nd Dec 2016


New NVZ designations for England announced

Defra has announced details of new Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) designations that will apply in England between 2017 and 2020. 

2nd Dec 2016


Single Market access prospects grow - but at a cost

Brexit Secretary David Davis has revealed the Government might be prepared to pay to access the Single Market, after we leave the EU.

1st Dec 2016


AHDB Pork proposes additional £1m promotional spend

AHDB Pork is proposing to spend an extra £1m on promoting British pork under a new three-year strategy for the sector, launched today. 

1st Dec 2016


Pig and poultry industries issue Brexit labour warning to Government

The NPA has joined forces with poultry industry organisations to warn the Government of the huge potential impact of restricting access to migrant labour after we leave the EU.

1st Dec 2016


Urgent call to enter antibiotic usage data by the end of the year

AHDB Pork has issued an urgent plea to any producers who have not done so yet to enter antibiotic usage data onto the eMB-Pigs database by the end of the year.

30th Nov 2016


A new idea to help businesses targeted by activists

As the pig industry faces a permanent threat of unwelcome incursions by activists, NPA is suggesting businesses consider a small investment that could make a big difference.

29th Nov 2016


Livestock sector stresses need for post-Brexit EU access

A group of 18 organisations representing the UK livestock sector have called for the Government to prioritise tariff-free access to the EU, post-Brexit. 

28th Nov 2016


NPA raises animal rights concerns in Sunday Times article

A Sunday newspaper has shone the spotlight on the tactics being deployed by the militant ‘Save’ movement, which has increasingly targeted the pig sector in recent months.

25th Nov 2016


AHDB Pork publishes new eMB-Pigs user guide

AHDB Pork has published a new user guide showing farmers the ins and outs of uploading data onto the eMB-Pigs database.  

24th Nov 2016


Antibiotics advice for farmers and vets

World Antibiotics Awareness Week (Nov 14-20) generated a mix of common sense advice and discussion... and utter nonsense.