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24th Oct 2017


West Midlands AD workshop in November

A one-day workshop on maintaining healthy biology within an anaerobic digester will take place in the West Midlands next month.

20th Oct 2017


First nomination received as NPA elections get under way

The first nomination for this winter’s NPA elections has been received. You can read what he has to say here. 

20th Oct 2017


Ed's Brexit round-up

NPA senior policy advisor Ed Barker's weekly round up of the latest Brexit developments and how they affect the pig sector. 

19th Oct 2017


High mycotoxin levels detected in crop samples

Large mycotoxin loadings of DON and ZEA have been detected in some samples of new crop wheat and barley, according to Trouw Nutrition.

18th Oct 2017


Congratulations to new pig industry Nuffield Scholars

The NPA congratulates the new Nuffield Scholars whose scholarships will provide some valuable insights for the pig industry.

17th Oct 2017


Pork sales volume down but spend up

The volume of fresh and frozen pork sold at retail level continues to decline year-on-year but total spend is up.  

16th Oct 2017


Young NPA visits Dutch HyCare facility

A group of Young NPA members is visiting the Netherlands today to get a close up view of the HyCare approach to pig health and hygiene. 

16th Oct 2017


NPA will continue to explore post-Brexit zinc oxide options  

The NPA will continue to explore the options for using zinc oxide in piglet diets in the UK after we leave the EU, the association’s Georgina Crayford said.

14th Oct 2017


RUMA responds to CMO 'antibiotic apocalypse' comments

RUMA has outlined the approach taken by UK agriculture to antibiotic use after England’s chief medical officer warned of a possible 'post-antibiotic apocalypse'.

13th Oct 2017


Ed's Brexit round-up - WTO Special

Senior policy advisor Ed Barker explains what this week's developments with WTO Tariff Rate Quotas (TRQs) means for the pig industry.