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Eustice urges employers to engage in COVID testing programme

5th Mar 2021 / By Alistair Driver

Defra Secretary George Eustice has written an open letter urging employers to sign up for the Government's workplace coronavirus testing programme.

The Government is providing companies with over 50 employees with free test kits in order to better protect workers and businesses and tackle COVID outbreaks at source.

Defra said more and more businesses were registering for the programme each day, and have been quick to recognise the confidence and resilience that workplace testing provides.

It gave an example of the company Apetito, as an early adopter of workplace testing. While testing is voluntary, early engagement with staff has meant an extremely high participation rate, and 66 asymptomatic cases have already been found that would otherwise have been undetected.

You can read the letter here:

Find out more and register interest for the programme here:

Defra said its team is able provide companies with further guidance and support and examples of where businesses similar to your own have successfully introduced testing.

Defra can be contacted at: