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Less than a month left to put your name forward for PIG elections!

12th Dec 2023 / By Alistair Driver

There is now less than a month left to submit your nomination for the NPA Pig Industry Group (PIG) elections, which will take place in the New Year. 

NPA Election 2021 logoThe NPA is seeking candidates for eight producer and four allied member seats on a streamlined PIG.

The closing date to submit nominations is Monday, January 8, 2024.  

So far, four producers and two allied industry candidates have put their names forward, with more nominations set to be formally announced soon.

The NPA is keen for the elections to be as hotly contested as possible and for the candidates ultimately elected to fully represent our very diverse sector. 

NPA chairman Rob Mutimer said: "There are so many talented and driven people right across this industry and we really do want to see as many candidates as possible putting their names forward. 

"You can really make a big difference to the NPA and its hard-working team and, ultimately, to the wider industry, as we grapple with so many important issues - from how the supply chain operates to the sustainability and welfare agendas and so much more.

"As members of PIG have testified, there are many benefits of being on PIG and it is not overly burdensome, although we do expect real commitment from those elected. 

"So come on, if you think you can make a difference - give it a go and get your nomination in asap!"

PIG Dec 24Addressing the latest PIG meeting last week, Rob was full of praise for how the group had operated over the past three years. 

"This is the last meeting of this PIG and it has been clear that joining the producer and allied industry groups has been a brilliant success.

"Having a PIG that's been willing to put in a big input over the last three years has been a phenomenal help to me and the NPA team, and I'd encourage anyone on this group - and, of course those from right across the industry – to consider putting themselves forward.

"A number of people who represented the NPA are retiring and that is a real opportunity for others to make their mark and come through!" 

About the election

  • You can find everything you need to know about NPA Elections 2024, including allied and producer nomination forms, the latest on who is standing, plus the timetable and voting rules HERE