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Lizzie gives pig industry perspective on rise of veganism activism

12th Feb 2019 / By Alistair Driver

NPA policy services officer Lizzie Wilson gave the pig industry’s perspective on the rise of vegan activism during a BBC feature last night.

Lizzie was interviewed for the BBC East Midlands Inside Out programme, which looked at the rising popularity of veganism and the increase in activism, including protests at abattoirs, incursions on farms, daubing graffiti on farm shops and ‘liberating’ pigs from farms. Activists and farmers were interviewed in the 10-minute feature, which can be viewed here

While only a relatively small selection of her comments were used, she managed to explain that, as veganism is becoming more popular, this sort of activism is becoming more frequent.

“This darker, more insidious form of animal rights activism is a serious concern for us,” she said.

“Everyone has the right to protest peacefully. It is when it becomes very aggressive and intimidating and when there are lies and propaganda used to further their agenda (that it becomes a concern).”

The feature showed footage of a pig being ‘liberated’ from a farm, something Lizzie said was becoming increasingly common. “The person liberating the pig – we don’t know if they have knowledge or experience of caring for pigs and their welfare. When it is claimed on social media to be an act of compassion, it could be very much the opposite,” she said.