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March Porkwatch survey shows mixed support for British pork products

16th Apr 2024 / By Alistair Driver

The latest AHDB Porkwatch survey shows the leading UK retailers stocked a lower proportion of British bacon and ham in March than a year ago, while pork and sausage facings increased. 


Across the 10 retailers surveyed, the proportion of fresh British pork on display in March remained unchanged from January at 88%, but was up from 86% in March 2022. 

Aldi, Co-op, Lidl, M&S, Morrissons and Sainsbury’s all displayed 100% British pork on their shelves, with Waitrose at 96% and 100% on its ow label products. Tesco was slightly up on January and a year ago at 78%, while Asda recorded 66%, down from 69% in January. Iceland displayed just 2% British pork. 

Porkwatch Mar 24 pork bacon


In total, 52% of bacon on display was British, unchanged from January but down from 55% in March 2023. 

The Co-op and M&S were the only retailers to record 100% British bacon, with Waitrose on 92% (100% own label) and Sainsbury’s on 79%. Morrisons (51%) was the only other retailer over 50%, while Tesco (34%), Asda (26%), Aldi (19%) Lidl (16%) and Iceland (12%) all displayed a low proportion of British bacon. 


A total of 62% of ham on display across the 10 retailers in March was British, slightly up on January, but well down on the 67% recorded on March 2023. 

M&S (99%), Co-op (96%), Waitrose (90%), Sainsbury’s (83%), Aldi (77%) and Tesco (61%) were the best performers. 

Porkwatch Mar 24 ham sausage


Across the 10 retailers, 78% of the sausage on display was British, up on 76% in January and in March 2023. 

M&S (99%), Aldi (98%), Waitrose (96% and 100% own label) and Lidl (92%) were the best performers, with Sainsbury’s (77%) Tesco (75%), Morrisons (71%) Asda (70%) and Co-op (69%, 100% own label) not far behind. 

NPA comment

NPA chief executive Lizzie Wilson said: “Overall, the latest survey does not show a great deal of change on January, and, despite current low throughputs and subdued demand, support for British products remains largely positive.

“We thank those retailers that continue to support British pig producers, particularly in the fresh pork category, although, as always, there are some retailers that could do better.”