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Marketing campaign highlights health benefits of pork

18th Jan 2018 / By Alistair Driver

The current phase of the pork marketing campaign is shifting the focus onto the health benefits of pork as consumers change their habits in January following the festive period.

pork ad

Last week saw the return of AHDB Pork’s advertising campaign to television screens .The campaign delivers messaging surrounding the health and nutritional benefits of pork, positioning it as a shopping basket staple for those looking for healthy midweek meals.

“Stuck in a rut? Pork medallions – just as healthy as chicken breast,” the advert, which is otherwise similar to the first phase, concludes. This relates to pork medallions trimmed of visible fat and to skinless chicken breast. Both pork and chicken are naturally rich in protein, which helps muscle growth.

You can view the advert, which will be shown during popular programmes like Coronation Street, Come Dine with Me and Dancing on Ice until January 28, here.

Anna Farrell, AHDB’s UK Director for Marketing and Communications, said; “We are now on TV with the second phase of our ‘Pick Pork Medallions’ campaign which is positioning pork as a quick, tasty and healthy midweek meal option – and we currently have opportunities with Slimming World and Weightwatchers as part of this.”

The campaign launched in September and the early signs are that it has boosted retail sales.

“I’m really pleased the very early signs are encouraging for this year’s campaign, which launched last September,” Ms Farrell said.

“Rejuvenating the image of pork in the UK market is an important part of the AHDB Pork strategy, and we are now busy looking how we can build on this year’s great work by planning the next stage of investment in the 2018/19 campaign.”

AHDB said the internal restructuring of its exports, trade and consumer marketing teams will not affect the current pork marketing campaign.