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Members Area COVID-19 updates - webinar and key issues document

22nd Apr 2020 / By Alistair Driver

The Members' Area has been updated with the latest information on COVID-19. 

NPA webinar

Coronavirus pic 2Yesterday (April 21), the NPA hosted the first of two webinars to replace the four Spring Regional meetings, which were cancelled due to COVID-19. 

The comprehensive slides from the meeting can now be viewed in the Members' Area.

NPA chief executive Zoe Davies gave an update on how the NPA has responded to the crisis and on the impact of COVID-19 has affected the marketplace. This included the latest retail figures showing how retail meat sales have soared during the crisis, with, from the pigmeat side, bacon and sausages outperforming fresh pork. 

Zoe also set out the latest on Red Tractor's plans for rolling out remote inspections and explained the NPA's position. Key messages include: 

  • Make sure you register to use the RT portal ASAP
  • NPA has also told RT that people who have a valid reason for not being able to carry out the assessment in this way should not be penalised
  • RT has assured us that data collected during the live stream will be properly protected.

(There is a further update in the Members' Area on clarification given by RT's Georgina Crayford during discussion in the webinar).

NPA staff have been working flat out to identify emerging issues quickly and raise them with those that need to hear about them through weekly meetings with Defra, NFU, Copa and other trade associations. 

Zoe reiterated her call for anyone who experiences any issues related to COVID-19 to please raise them with NPA.  

Zoe also gave updates on African swine fever, the new Welfare Code, antibiotic targets, animal rights activism and farrowing crates, while senior policy adviser Ed Barker delivered an overview on agricultural policy under the new Government, including Brexit and the Agriculture Bill, and environmental issues. 

A good number of people tuned in and there was a very positive response from those who did.

Don't worry if you missed it - the second webinar will take place on May 5!

NPA key issues document

NPA senior policy adviser Rebecca Veale has updated the COVID-19 key issues document, including information on issues that the NPA has been lobbying on that have now been fully or largely resolved.

These include issues around breeding animals, trade at borders, support for the self-employed, feed supplies, social distancing at abattoirs and red diesel. 

To view the updated document, click through to the Members' Area

You will also find an updated archive of all the key information and stories we have posted on COVID-19 in the news section of the website.