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NPA election reminder - ONE MEMBERSHIP, ONE VOTE

22nd Jan 2018 / By Alistair Driver

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With the polls only just open today, the votes are already coming in for the NPA Producer Group (PG) and Aliied Industry Group (AIG) elections.

However, there is one thing we need to remind all members, based on the votes today and on previous experience – each NPA membership only carries one vote

So, for example, that means only one person may vote on behalf of a Producer member, regardless of the number of partners in the business.

Likewise, organisations that are AIG members only get one vote. It is up to members to decide who in an organisation is the person voting and to agree on who they are voting for. 

How to vote 

If you are an NPA member, click here to go through to the dedicated NPA election website where you will be guided through the process. 

A total of 31 excellent candidates will stand in the elections. The final tally saw 15 names confirmed for the contest to elect the 12 members of Producer Group.

A further 16 candidates, drawn from across the allied industries, will compete for 10 places on the NPA's Allied Industry Group (AIG). 

You can read all the candidates' manifestos on the voteNPA website, which also guides you through the process.

This article includes a Q&A with more details on the process and the rules.