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New swine dysentery case confirmed in North Yorkshire

17th Jan 2020 / By Alistair Driver

A new outbreak of Swine Dysentery was confirmed on a North Yorkshire pig farm on Wednesday.

The outbreak, identified by clinical signs and subsequently confirmed by laboratory tests, is suspected to have been present for up to two months as no clinical signs were present and the unit was undergoing medication when looseness was first noticed.

Testing was carried out at this point but dysentery could not be confirmed. Results from further testing confirmed the disease. 

Strict biosecurity measures are in place and a specific medication programme will be developed for the unit. 

In its notification of the outbreak, AHDB said: "If you have recently moved pigs from North Yorkshire please monitor them closely for the development of any clinical signs of enteric disease and notify your vet immediately if you observe any suspect diarrhoea.

"It is important that a heightened level of biosecurity and monitoring for clinical signs are observed over the next few weeks, especially within the North Yorkshire region."

Last year saw a worrying spate of Swine Dysentery outbreaks across the country and any producers not yet signed up to the Significant Diseases Charter are urged to do so. 

Information on Swine Dysentery can be found on the AHDB website here