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Nominations open soon for new-look NPA Pig Industry Group

4th Sep 2023 / By Alistair Driver

Pig producers and allied industry representatives will be able to submit nominations for a new-look NPA Pig Industry Group from October.

NPA Election 2021 logoVoting among NPA members will take place between late January and late February to elect a streamlined PIG.  

The NPA Board has agreed that the PIG will be reduced to 12 members – eight producers and four allied members – from the current 17, comprising 10 producers and eight allied members.

Producer members will be elected on the basis of the most votes received, rather than on a regional basis, but efforts will be made to ensure there is a balance between indoor and outdoor production and between independent and corporate producers.

Allied members will be elected via most votes in four categories in order to avoid replication.

Nominations for elections will open in October and close on January 8, 2024. Voting via email will open in late-January and postal voting in February. 

NPA chair Rob Mutimer said: “The decision to merge our producer and allied groups at the last election has been a big success, enabling us to pool knowledge and work more effectively together, while cutting costs.

“However, the group is a little bit unwieldy, and the board believes this new streamlined approach will still ensure a strong and representative decision-making body, while improving efficiency and further cutting costs.

“It is really important people from all parts of the industry step up for election, so the NPA can continue that strong voice for the industry as we look to rebuild and forge a brighter future.”