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Last chance to vote! Polls close at MIDDAY today

23rd Feb 2018 / By Alistair Driver

The polls to vote in the NPA elections close at MIDDAY today. So, if you haven't voted yet, this is your last chance. 

You can vote now by clicking here. It's quick and easy, but remember:

  • Only one vote per membership is permitted.
  • Producer members can only vote for producer candidates and allied industry members can only vote for allied industry candidates. 

Thank-you to everyone who has voted so far. Any members who haven't voted yet, here are five reasons why you should:
NPA elections Five reasons

  1. The NPA was formed in the late ‘90s for the sole purpose of giving the pig industry a voice in its darkest hour. It was built on democracy - use it by using your vote!

  2. 31 people from across the pig industry have been brave enough to stand up and offer their time and services for three years on either Producer Group or the Allied Industry Group – for the greater good of the industry. The very least they deserve is your vote. To read all about the candidates, click here (PG) and here (AIG).

  3. As far as NPA elections go, the stakes have never been higher. The next three years will see decisions made that will shape the future of this industry for ever. If ever an election mattered, it’s now. You have the chance to choose who takes the industry forward at this vital time.

  4. The way the NPA elections work means you have ample scope to vote for the candidates who best reflect your views and interests. There’s a summary of the rules here (remember one membership = one vote!).

  5. It's dead easy. Click here to vote online. Anyone who hasn’t vote online yet, should also have the postal option if you prefer.

Just do it!

(and thank-you, Digby, for the graphic - who said Enid Blyton and pig elections couldn't mix?)