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So where do you think we are in the cycle?

28th Nov 2017 / By Digby Scott

As prices continue to fall, where do you think we are in the pig cycle, right now? As part of NPA’s election campaign, we’re asking you to let us have the benefit of your pig industry experience in this two-second snap poll

Pig cycleIt’s a bit of fun (is that the word?) but with a serious underlying message… that as ever in this industry, it’s all about achieving just reward for the extraordinary lengths producers go to, to meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated consumers.

As we observed in an earlier report on this page, this election is building an unparalleled head of steam because everyone in the industry recognises tough times lie ahead.

Yes, there’s Brexit. Of course there is. But of equal concern is the question of whether we’ll remain in the black through 2018. So… where are we in the pig cycle?

Let’s have your feedback (no name or address required), and we’ll publish  a consensus figure here around this time next week.