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Students reminded of their role in ASF

23rd Aug 2019 / By Rebecca Veale

ASF student posterUniversity students are asked to play their role in protecting the UK pig herd from African swine fever (ASF) ahead of the new academic year.

Universities are being urged to share the Government flyer alongside advice from Scottish Government with new and returning students before they return to the UK. The aim is to highlight the risk that meat and meat products can pose in terms of the diseases which they can carry, such as African swine fever.

Students are reminded not to pack any fresh, dried or cured pork or wild boar meat to bring to the UK and, if they have brought any meat product, to declare them at customs. It is illegal to bring these items into the UK from most countries outside of the EU and from any country infected with ASF.

African swine fever is a highly contagious disease of pigs caused by a virus. There is no vaccine and the majority of affected pigs die. It does not affect humans. This virus survives for a long time in pork or wild boar meat and their products.

African swine fever has caused the deaths of millions of pigs worldwide and must be kept out of the UK.

Check out the NPA ASF webpage for the latest updates.