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Tesco customers urged to #biteintobritish

10th Jan 2022 / By Alistair Driver

Customers visiting a Tesco store in Leeds on Friday were left in doubts about the merits of biting into British, following a successful pilot event that is set to be rolled out nationwide over the coming weeks. 

Bite Into British Leeds Vicky Kate

Kate and Vicky Morgan - two of the driving forces behind the event

Pig producers and supporters from the allied industries gathered at Tesco’s huge Seacroft store in the city just after 9am, armed with leaflets setting out the Bite Into British message and ample supplies of British bacon and sausage sandwiches prepared by Ladies in Pigs, alongside some top quality British apples.

Shoppers were more than happy to engage with the campaigners, as the reasons to back British pork were explained – high welfare, high food safety standards, full traceability, low food miles, low environmental footprint, backing British farmers and the local economy and, of course, great tasting products.

Above all, the campaigners urged Tesco's customers to look for the Red Tractor and the RSPCA Farm Assured labels, and avoid unclear and ambiguous labelling. 

Bite Into British Leeds LIPs

LIPs handed out hundreds of delicious British bacon and sausage rolls to grateful customers

Bite Into British Leeds Pig LIPs

There was some good media interest and a lot of activity on social to spread the message more widely – and hopefully make the supply chain look up and take notice.

Yorkshire farmer Vicky Morgan, one of the main organisers, was delighted with how it went. “We wanted to get out there and tell a really positive story, not just about British pork, but about the whole of British agriculture.

Bite Into British Leeds Vicky

Leaflets were handed out explaining why customers should Bite Into British

“We really need consumers’ support right now and the shoppers were, on the whole, very interested and really happy to engage and learn, and show us their support. They enjoyed their free bacon and sausage sandwiches, too. I think we will have sold some extra British food inside the Tesco store today!”

Hugh Crabtree, the NPA’s vice-chairman, explained that this was a pilot event and that the plan is to repeat it outside retail stores across the country over the coming weeks.

Bite Into British Hugh Crabtree Leeds

Hugh Crabtree being interviewed in Leeds

“We will be coming to a supermarket near you!" he said. "The Young NPA will be getting on board and we want as many producers and people from the allied industries as possible to get involved and promote that positive message. It really can make a difference, particularly if we can use these events to boost our media profile." 

Yorkshire pig vet Duncan Berkshire said it was important to keep the current situation in the pig sector at the forefront of consumers' minds, while also continuing to push the media profile. 

Bite Into British Leeds Duncan Berkshire

He said the backlog, as predicted, had grown over the festive period by 50% to 100%, with at least 150,000 pigs now likely to be backed up on farm, and with the New Year a traditionally quiet time in the marketplace, he said the #biteintobritish message was now more important than ever. 

Bite Into British Leeds pledgeIndustry campaigners and Tesco customers pledged to #biteintobritish