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The first NPA election nominations are in!

14th Oct 2020 / By Alistair Driver

We have the first nominations for the 2021 NPA elections - and they are both from the allied industries. 

Hugh Crabtree NPA electionsThe earliest bird of the lot was Hugh Crabtree, of Farmex and long-time chair of the Allied Industry Group before it was amalgamated with Producer Group to for the Pig Industry Group. 

"I believe my commercial experience in the UK and overseas pig markets together with my commitment to the NPA over its first 20 years, will stand me in good stead to offer myself for election to the newly constituted Pig Industry Group as one of the allied industry membership representatives," Hugh says in his manifesto. 

His nomination was quickly followed by that of Paul Hutton, of Paul Hutton NPA electionsCollinsons

"If elected, I believe my cross-sector and international knowledge could serve as an asset to the NPA in the challenges that may arise as we continue to promote and drive forward British agriculture," Paul says. 

  • You can read their full manifestos HERE, where all allied industry manifestos will be published.
  • For more information on the NPA elections, including how to nominate, election rules, the timetable, the new NPA structure - and updates on who is standing and their manifestos, CLICK HERE