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'This is a pivotal moment' - why it is so important that you respond to the Defra consultation

26th Sep 2022 / By Alistair Driver

With less than two weeks remaining until the Defra supply chain consultation closes, NPA chief policy adviser Rebecca Veale has urged all those in the industry to respond. 

Rebecca Veale 2Interviewed on Lincolnshire FM's Farming Programme, Rebecca set out the broad principle's of the NPA's response and also explained why it is so important that individuals respond. 

You can listen HERE (from about 20 minutes).

"The challenges industry has faced over the last couple of years are just not sustainable. What we would like to see going forward is a supply chain that works for every party within it and has an element of fairness," she said. 

"As NPA we don’t feel we should be dictating exactly what should be in a pig contract. However, we have set out some key principles we would like to see, including a fair and negotiable price, the elimination of one-sided clausing because there are elements of that at the moment. The risk is carried disproportionately by producers at the moment.

"We would like producers to be able negotiate their contracts, which they are not able to do at the moment.

"Really importantly, we also believe there should be a dispute resolution service so there is some kind of enforcement to ensure that agreements that are drawn up between producers and their customers are fair."

She also stressed the need to involve the whole supply chain, including retailers and wholesalers, as well as processors. 


She added: "We urge all producers to get involved and respond. This is a pivotal moment for us as an industry we really need to make sure that our voice is heard."

The consultation is seeking views on current contractual arrangements and what changes could be made to deliver a fairer supply chain. 

There are 44 questions, seeking views on issues such as transparency, price reporting, clarity of contractual terms and conditions, and market consolidation.

The consultation, published in July, runs until October 7.

  • You can complete it HERE

The NPA has issued guidance on how to respond for members. You can view it in the Members' Area. 

If you need to discuss your response, email Rebecca