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Tulip launches vegan 'Green Butcher' line in Co-op

16th Oct 2019 / By Alistair Driver

Tulip has unveiled a new vegan line to be sold in Co-op stores under the 'Green Butcher' brand, a move likely to raise eyebrows within the industry.  

Tulip green butcherFresh from the confirmation of its sale to US company Pilgrim's Pride on Tuesday, Tulip unveiled its new ‘vegan slices with peppers’, which it said were developed in partnership with Co-op to 'meet the needs of the increasing number of consumers looking to switch to a vegetarian and vegan diet'. 

High in protein, low in saturated fats and containing real peppers, the soy and pea protein slices are intended to 'appeal to the third of shoppers who are looking to eat more healthily'.

The vegan slices will sit in the cooked meat fixture at Co-op stores, retailing at RRP £1.75. Tulip added that it is also developing further innovations to launch as part of The Green Butcher brand in the next 12 months.

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What do you think? A smart move to appeal to the growing vegan market? Or a confusing step to market non-meat products under a 'butcher' brand. 

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