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Update on African swine fever in Asia

21st Feb 2023 / By Rebecca Veale

The African swine fever situation in Asia continues to challenge pig producers in that part of the world with new outbreaks but the approval of two ASF vaccines is a positive step forward.

The latest outbreak assessment for ASF in Asia published by Defra details the first case of ASF in wild boar in Singapore, a case in domestic pigs in Hong Kong which is the first case in around two years and reports continue in China, Bhutan, India, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines, Thailand and South Korea.

Read the full outbreak assessment from Defra here

The news that two vaccines have been developed in Vietnam and have now been approved for national circulation is hugely welcome given the endemic nature of the disease in parts of South East Asia and the fact that they are the first ASF vaccines to be commercialised.

One vaccine is expected to be distributed nationwide from February 2023. This vaccine has also received government authorisation for export and an exclusive distributor for the vaccine has been identified in the Philippines which means that many countries may benefit.

The continued detection of ASF across Asia, and the wide geographic range of infection found within these countries, demonstrates the potential for further spread of ASF into and within the domestic pig and swine populations in this part of the world.
NPA Chief Policy Adviser, Rebecca Veale said: “The news on the vaccine is really positive and offers a tool to help those countries where ASF is endemic. ASF continues to move in Asia and this is something we continue to keep this on our radar, but it also continues to pose challenge closer to home in Europe. As NPA we continue to push Government to protect us via our borders, while doing everything we can to protect the biosecurity of the British pig herd.”

AHDB biosecurity advice for ASF