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We will support producers through Brexit - AIG

6th Feb 2019 / By Alistair Driver

The NPA's Allied Industry Group (AIG) has vowed to support producers over the coming months as the uncertainty over Brexit casts a shadow over the sector.

Hugh Crabtree 2018With less than two months before our due departure date and Prime Minister Theresa May still trying to re-negotiate her Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, the prospect of a Brexit no deal looms ever larger for the industry. 

The implications of a no deal were discussed at NPA Producer Group and Allied Industry Group meetings in January. Afterwards, AIG chairman Hugh Crabtree issued a statement on behalf of the group.

“With under 60 days until the UK’s departure from the EU, it is clear from our day to day contact with pig producers, that uncertainty over the future trading relationship is having an unsettling affect," he said.

“Despite this uncertainty, our message to pig producers is clear: Whatever happens over the coming months, as a group of allied businesses to the UK’s pig producers supplying feed, medicines, buildings, equipment, veterinary and marketing services, we are here to support and work with our customers and minimise any disruption to their business, as best we can.

“The UK pig sector has thrived on close working relationships between producers and allied businesses and Brexit, under whatever format, will not change this.”