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Webinar on Wednesday to discuss management of hyperprolific sows

13th Apr 2021 / By Alistair Driver

The British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) is bringing together experts from around the world for a webinar on Wednesday to discuss ways to improve the management of hyperprolific sows. 

Hyperprolific sows that typically have litters of more than 16 piglets, with longer farrowing times, present a range of management challenges for pig producers.

The webinar will form part of BSAS's annual conference. Chaired by renowned global pig production expert Professor Frank Dunshea from the University of Melbourne, it will summarise the current knowledge on managing highly prolific sows to maximise lifetime productivity and herd profitability with contributions from speakers in the USA, Australia, Denmark and the UK.

Topics covered will include nutrition, managing progeny of hyperprolific sows, the genetic basis for increased litter size, welfare and housing the hyperprolific sow and litters and carcass and meat quality of progeny.

Maggie Mitchell from BSAS said: “The webinar will allow producers and all those employed in the pig industry to share the latest information and provide a unique opportunity to hear from many global experts in a single forum.”

The free webinar runs from 1500-1630 on Wednesday, April 14.

To register, go to

A voluntary £10 donation will help BSAS to fund on-going webinars and knowledge transfer, helping science shape future farming systems.