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Why Slurry Infrastructure Grants should become more accessible to pig producers in future

13th Jan 2023 / By Alistair Driver

More pig producers should have the opportunity to benefit from the Slurry Infrastructure Grant in future, NPA chief executive Lizzie Wilson has reassured members.

Slurry storeDefra announced the scheme in November, paving the way for livestock farmers to apply for grants of up to £250,000 to improve their slurry storage.

However, in this first year, the grants are available to bring slurry storage capacity up to six months, a position many pig farmers, particularly those that are permitted or within an NVZ, already comply with. That therefore restricts access to the grants for pig producers this time; a source of frustration for some members.

But that doesn’t mean pig producers won’t be able to access grants in future, Lizzie said.

“The priority this year is bringing other livestock sectors, including dairy, up to the same standard of compliance as the pig sector as quickly as possible. That is why Defra is funding up to six  months worth of storage," she said.

“We appreciate that this is disappointing for producers who were hoping to benefit from the grant but aren’t eligible as they already have six months storage capacity.

“However, I want to stress that we expect the scheme to be expanded in future. We have discussed this numerous times with the Defra team responsible, and they are acutely aware that more needs to be offered to include the pig sector in the coming years.

“Indeed, I’ve got a meeting with them shortly to discuss exactly what the pig sector needs, so, in partnership, we can develop something that is going to of real value to producers.”

Defra has also highlighted in a blog, which can be viewed HERE, that if producers aren’t ready to apply for a grant this round, there will be more opportunities to apply in future. 

Application deadline

Members who are eligible are reminded that the deadline for applying for the grants is January 31.

The first stage of the applications process is an online checker. You can find it on Defra's Slurry Infrastructure grant page.

Defra held a webinar to discuss the grant on December 7. You can watch a recording of it here.