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The Pork Report - championing New Product Development  

5th Feb 2019 / By Alistair Driver

The next phase of The Pork Report is underway!  

pork report logoFollowing the success of the initial run in December, this time we are focusing in on New Product Development (NPD). The idea is to highlight some of the great examples of new pork products out there.

We are hoping to encourage people to eat more pork and stimulate retailers to do more! But we need the help of NPA members and supporters to seek out these exciting new products when you are in stores and then to cook them and tell us all about," said NPA office manager Andrea Vickers, who runs the @GBPork social media sites. 

Here’s how it works…  

We will be posting examples of NPD available in the supermarkets on the @GBPork Twitter and Facebook feeds. Look out for #ThePorkReport hashtag. 

If you come across any British Pork NPD while you or your family are out shopping, buy it, cook it and review it for us! 

Send us photos of the product in the packaging raw and plated up as your dinner, plus a short review of what it was like.  

You can tweet the review and pictures yourself or post them on Facebook, tagging us using @GBPork, make sure you use #ThePorkReport and tag the supermarket you got the product from. 

Alternatively, you can email the pics and review along with the store to and we will do the rest.

Click here for an exciting new product we have posted already.