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6th Jan 2020


Forum latest - will we get what we deserve with prices this year?

'Happy New Year', begins the latest entry on the forum, before going onto predict what lies ahead in the market in 2020.

4th Jan 2020


What's going on?

Not a particularly auspicious start to the year, with some puzzlement as to why the latest SPP has actually slipped by 0.45p to 162.44p.

3rd Jan 2020


Short-term stability, but longer-term uncertainty - what Boris Johnson's election victory means

If 2019 was the year the UK descended into a mire of political chaos the like of which we had never seen before, 2020 at least offers the prospect of some stability. 

3rd Jan 2020


'We have a great story to tell' - an opportunity to set the record straight

It's that time of year when the vegan agenda is increasingly rammed down the public's throat - but veganuary also presents an opportunity for the livestock sector to hit back.

2nd Jan 2020


We must not betray our food values - NFU president

NFU President Minette Batters has highlighted the need to uphold the UK's food values as we enter in post-Brexit trade deals. 

2nd Jan 2020


Reminder - environmental permit applicants need to use updated form

Pig producers making an application for a new pig or poultry environmental permit after December 1 will need to use an updated version of the application form.

1st Jan 2020


Chairman's New Year message: 2020 - Opportunity or not?

NPA chairman Richard Lister's thoughts on the year ahead? Does the opportunity outweight the threat?  

31st Dec 2019


Hugh Crabtree: Another decade over - what's in store for 2020 and beyond?

NPA Allied Industry Group chairman Hugh Crabtree discusses the 'unstoppable trains' coming at the pig sector in 2020. 

30th Dec 2019


What's on the environmental agenda for 2020?

The NPA's Lizzie Wilson sets out some of the environmental issues pig producers need to look out for in 2020.

29th Dec 2019


Ed's 2020 political predictions - and why your voice is so important

If 2018 was a slightly turbulent time for British politics, 2019 was something of a typhoon.