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Defra's pig supply chain review consultation now closed

8th Oct 2022 / By Alistair Driver

Defra's pig supply chain review consultation is now closed. 

Defra consultationWhen does the consultation close? 

The consultation closes just before midnight today, October 7. 

Where do I fill it in? 

You can complete the consultation HERE

What does it entail? 

The consultation is seeking views on current contractual arrangements and what changes could be made to deliver a fairer supply chain. There are 44 questions, seeking views on issues such as transparency, price reporting, clarity of contractual terms and conditions, and market consolidation.

Those who have responded so far have indicated it takes around an hour to 90 minutes to complete. 

Can people involved in the allied industries respond? 

Very much so. While the focus is understandably on the producer-processor relationship, views from the allied businesses, which can deliver fresh insights into what has been happening, are welcomed and encouraged. 

Can my response be anonymous? 

Yes. This question has been raised by a number of members. There is an option right at the start enabling you to submit your response anonymously. 

Is there guidance available to help me submit my application? 

There is guidance available for NPA members. You can access it in the Members' Area

If you need to discuss your response, email Rebecca -  

Why should I respond? 

The NPA is submitting its own response, which will present a collective industry position. But there are two key reasons why we need as many individual responses as possible. 

The first is that Defra needs as much information as it can gather from producers and others who have lived through the past 18 months, so it can understand how the supply chain works - or doesn't, what has gone wrong and what needs to change. 

The second is that the more responses we get and the louder our voice, the stronger the case we will build for real, lasting change towards a fairer, more sustainable pig supply chain. 

As NPA chair Rob Mutimer said: “The NPA is working hard to formulate a response that reflects the views of our diverse membership and that the whole industry can get behind.

“It is equally important, however, that producers respond individually, outlining your own current situation and what you want from future contractual relations with your buyers. The louder our voice, the stronger case we have for change.”

As you have probably already seen, there has been plenty of comment on the forum, with strong rallying calls from the likes of NPA veterans Hugh Crabtree and Richard Longthorp and others. 

Richard Longthorp highlighted concerns about the the legacy of a poor response, before asking: "What is the downside of completing the survey anyway? A couple of hours.

"What is upside? A fighting chance of a future."

Producer Richard Knox summed up the views of many who have responded. "All I know is that if I hadn't done it, I wouldn't have been able to continue shouting from the sideline with a clear conscience.

"The thought of doing the survey filled me with a little dread , but once I got into it, I actually felt that my responses could genuinely make a difference to all of our futures."