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EPP members wanted - an opportunity to network with other European producers 

10th Oct 2022 / By Andrea Vickers

Would you like the opportunity to meet and learn about other European pig producers? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then signing up to European Pig Producers (EPP) could be for you.

EPP, for those of you who don’t know, is a networking and socialising organisation across European countries specifically for pig producers - its open to all age groups. The UK has had a branch since its inception, but due to various reasons, including Covid, membership to the UK branch has dwindled to the point where we currently have no members.

Having spoken to the headquarters of EPP, we feel it would be a shame to lose our membership to such a useful organisation. We are, therefore, looking to resurrect the UK branch. In order to do this, we need to recruit pig producer members as well as a UK branch chair.

EPP hold a Congress annually in different countries - this is usually a three-day event with seminars and tours of businesses related to pig production. The UK has previously sent consignments of members to numerous Congresses - you can attend all the events or just a few.

The Congress for 2023 is due to be held in Seville, with a visit to an Iberican ham factory. We would love to be able to send a consignment next year.

NPA chief executive Lizzie Wilson said: “The many Congresses I have attended have been excellent – a great opportunity to network with like-minded European producers, very informative and good fun. I thoroughly recommend it.”  

EPP is open to all pig producers of all ages and system type, and is very much a networking organisation, representing a chance for producers to visit other European countries to see how their systems and production work.  

Membership costs to join EPP currently stand at €95 per person, which would allow you to attend Congress. As there is sufficient funds in the UK EPP account, we are offering one year of subsidised membership for people who wish to sign up this year.

The UK chairperson role would involve attending, either in person or virtually, three board meetings a year, and writing an annual report about the UK industry for an overall EPP report that is issued to all members. Costs and expenses of attending these meetings would be met by the UK EPP branch.  

As the chair of the UK branch, it would be at your discretion if you wanted to arrange events in this country for members.  

If you would like more information on joining EPP or would like to sign up to be the UK chair, please contact Andrea Tranter