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First NPA Election 24 nomination is in!

9th Oct 2023 / By Alistair Driver

The first nomination for the NPA elections is in! Peter Bryant, head of sales and marketing at A-One Feed Supplements, has become the first candidate to throw his hat into the ring. 

NPA Election 2021 logo"Being elected onto the Pig Industry Group would be an honour and a privilege," Peter said in his election manifesto, which you can view HERE.

"I would bring extensive knowledge and understanding of the pig industry to the NPA and its members, as well as ensuring that the NPA/AIG remains influential and effective for the pig industry following such difficult times."

The NPA is seeking candidates for eight producer and four allied member seats on a streamlined PIG.

Producers will be elected on the basis of the most votes received, rather than on a regional basis. Efforts will be made to ensure a balance between indoor and outdoor production and independent and corporate producers.

Allied members will be elected via most votes in four categories – buildings/equipment, health, marketing/processing and nutrition.

Producers will only vote for producers, and allied industry for allied industry, with one vote per membership.

“The PIG is a brilliant mix of producers and the allied industry, and to make sure we move the industry forward, we need the best people to put their heads above the parapet for election," 
NPA chair Rob Mutimer said. 

“Elections for the PIG are just round the corner. If you want to be in the thick of policy making for the industry - now's your chance. We need the best to keep the NPA the best!” NPA vice-chair Hugh Crabtree added.

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