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21st Jul 2018


AHDB agrees to fund to feral wild boar working group

AHDB’s Pork Board has agreed to fund a working group to oversee a project aimed at delivering improved control of the British feral wild boar population.

20th Jul 2018


NPA responds to 'over-simplistic' BVA animal welfare infographic

The NPA has suggested that an infographic published today by the British Veterinary Association (BVA) paints an over simplistic view of animal welfare on pig farms. 

19th Jul 2018


NPA highlights Brexit trade stance to Lib Dems

The NPA has highlighted its stance on post-Brexit trade policy to the Liberal Democrats.

18th Jul 2018


New training programme to promote responsible use of antibiotics

A new training programme has been launched to support the responsible use of animal medicines on farms. 

17th Jul 2018


Highest recorded PRRS diagnosis in first quarter

The first quarter of 2018 saw the highest ever recorded diagnostic rate of PRRS, according to the latest GB Emerging Threats Quarterly Report. 

13th Jul 2018


NPA welcomes Government Brexit White Paper

The NPA has welcomed the Government’s White Paper that sets out plans for a close relationship with the EU after we leave the union.

12th Jul 2018


NPA welcomes interim review calls for simpler, risk-based regulation  

The NPA has welcomed the interim findings of a review that recommends radical changes to how farms are inspected and regulated after we leave the EU.

12th Jul 2018


How will Brexit affect your business?

The Government might be struggling to work out where it’s going with Brexit – but producers now have a tool available to gauge how they might be affected. 

11th Jul 2018


CO2 shortage: We need to make sure it doesn't happen again - BMPA

The British meat industry has called for the Government to intervene to ensure the meat industry does not find itself at the mercy of CO2 manufacturers again.

9th Jul 2018


NPA gives 'cautious welcome' to Brexit agreement

The NPA has given a ‘cautious welcome’ to the Brexit agreement reached by the cabinet that would retain most of the current EU rules on agricultural goods.