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22nd Mar 2018


New EA charges will hamper progressive pig businesses, NPA warns

New environmental permit charges published by the Environment Agency will add unjustified costs to pig farming businesses, the NPA has warned

19th Mar 2018


NPA welcomes Brexit transition announcement

The NPA has welcomed a deal announced today on a 21-month transition period after we leave the EU.

13th Mar 2018


NPA outlines why we need continued access to EU labour post-Brexit

Brexit has simply exacerbated an already deteriorating situation regarding the ability of the pig sector to attract labour, the NPA has told MPs. 

12th Mar 2018


NPA responds to calls for compulsory production system labelling

The NPA has outlined why it could not support any move towards compulsory labelling of system of production without two significant concerns being addressed.

12th Mar 2018


AHDB to transfer meat classification business to HallMark

AHDB is in advanced talks with private business HallMark Veterinary Compliance Services about taking over its commercial meat classification subsidiary.

9th Mar 2018


NPA calls on Defra to simplify draft pig welfare code

The NPA has called on Defra to simplify its draft statutory animal welfare code and reduce it in length.

9th Mar 2018


Adjudicator survey open to direct supermarket suppliers

Companies that supply supermarkets directly are being asked to complete the Groceries Code Adjudicator's latest annual survey. 

9th Mar 2018


13,000 certifications under Rodenticide scheme

Around 13,000 users of professional-use-only rat baits have been awarded approved certification under the UK Rodenticide Stewardship Regime.

8th Mar 2018


Why you might get paid for intact tails after we leave the EU

Farmers could be rewarded for producing pigs with intact and bite-free tails, under Michael Gove's plans to incentivise better welfare on farms.

6th Mar 2018


FSA announces review of meat cutting plants

The FSA and FSS have announced details of a major review of hygiene controls in meat processing and storage sites in the UK.