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29th Sep 2021


NPA reaction to Defra gene editing announcement

Defra has announced new plans to ‘unlock the power of gene editing’ - however, the focus will initially be on crops, rather than livestock. 

27th Sep 2021


NPA press release: NPA calls for butchery visas to avert British pig industry meltdown

The NPA has called for the Government to extend its offer of short-term visas to butchery workers to help avert the collapse of the British pig sector. 

22nd Sep 2021


UK food supply chain calls for urgent action from PM to solve labour crisis

The UK’s food and farming sector has today written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking him to implement COVID Recovery Visa as a matter of urgency.

20th Sep 2021


European Parliament see sense on antibiotics

The European Parliament has shown support for pig health and welfare as they have rejected proposals to bring in heavy restrictions for antibiotics used in animals. 

20th Sep 2021


Pigs Tomorrow - the programme, COVID requirements and downloading the app

The Pigs Tomorrow Conference takes place this Tuesday and Wednesday at Hinckley, in Leicestershire. 

17th Sep 2021


'There have been pigs in the family for 50 years' - BBC highlights devastating impact of labour shortages on pig sector

BBC Look North has highlighted how the current labour shortages across the sector are forcing some prominent farmers out of business. 

16th Sep 2021


'It is bleak, really bleak. There is no space left' - NPA PIG seeks solutions to industry crisis

The NPA’s PIG this week spelled out the desperate need for collective supply chain action, backed by Government support, to help alleviate the curent industry crisis. 

16th Sep 2021


NPA welcomes timely EFRA inquiry into the impact of trade issues and labour shortages on food supply chain

The NPA has welcomed the launch of a timely inquiry by MPs into the impact of trade issues and labour shortages on the food supply chain. 

15th Sep 2021


NPA welcomes report showing progress on climate change targets for meat sector

The NPA has welomed a report showing the UK meat sector is making good progress towards meeting its climate change targets.

14th Sep 2021


Government concession on EU import checks another kick in the teeth for pig sector - NPA

The Government’s announcement that full checks on food imports from the EU will be delayed until July 2022 is another kick in the teeth for the pig sector.