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31st Jul 2017


Farmers and vets urged to stick by antibiotic guidelines

Farmers and vets are being urged to continue following current prescription guidelines and completing courses of animal treatments.

26th Jul 2017


BVA demands Brexit clarity on welfare standards

The BVA has demanded clarity from the Government on animal welfare standards, following the publication of a House of Lords report.

25th Jul 2017


NPA welcomes Lords report into post-Brexit import risk

The NPA has welcomed a House of Lords report warning of the threat to UK producers of allowing the country to be flooded by low standard food imports.

25th Jul 2017


Lords committee echoes NPA concerns over post-Brexit cheap food policy

A Lords committee has warned UK producers would be placed at a competitive disadvantage if Brexit resulted in a flood of lower standard imports.

21st Jul 2017


Gove prioritises environmental payments under CAP replacement

Michael Gove has outlined his plans for a 'Green Brexit', including a domestic agricultural policy that rewards farmers for environmental work.

20th Jul 2017


Chief vet praises collaborative approach to pig health and welfare

Chief Veterinary Officer Nigel Gibbens has welcomed the collaborative approach adopted by the pig industry in identifying and acting on threats to herd health. 

19th Jul 2017


NPA outlines pig industry priorities to EFRA chair

NPA chairman Richard Lister has written to the returning chair of the EFRA Committee to outline the association's priorities. 

18th Jul 2017


NPA responds to 'mega farm' articles

A number of media outlets have carried stories based on an investigation on the 'Rise of the Mega Farm' in the UK. 

17th Jul 2017


Horsemeat crime group 'dismantled'

The Spanish police have made 65 arrests and claim to have ‘dismantled’ an organised criminal group involved in horsemeat trade.

17th Jul 2017


China opportunity for young farmers

The EU and China are offering a unique opportunity for young farmers to discover more about agriculture in the world's most populated country.