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5th Jul 2017


Five years 'should be sufficient time to adapt to zinc oxide ban'

Five years should be sufficient time for the UK pig industry to adapt to life without zinc oxide, according to pig medicine specialist David Burch.

3rd Jul 2017


EFSA confirms safe levels for nitrites and nitrates added to food

The British Meat Processors Association has welcomed EFSA’s conclusions that levels of nitrites and nitrates added to food are safe.

3rd Jul 2017


How Chinese consumers are buying into the story behind British pork

Chinese consumers like the story behind British pork, according to the NPA’s Georgina Crayford, who has recently had a close-up glimpse of China's retail pork sector. 

28th Jun 2017


African Swine Fever detected in Czech Republic

African Swine Fever (ASF) has been detected in the Czech Republic for the first time, confirming further spread of the virus in Eastern Europe. 

26th Jun 2017


UK pig production up in May for first time this year

UK production of pig meat increased year-on-year for the first time this year in May, although production appeared to be down again this month.

23rd Jun 2017


Important update for anyone producing pigs for China

There have been some important changes to the certificates that anybody who exports pigs to China must be aware of. 

21st Jun 2017


Zinc oxide to be phased out at EU level by 2022

The European Commission has confirmed the EU-wide ban on the use of zinc oxide at medicinal levels in piglet feed, giving member states up to five years to phase it out.

21st Jun 2017


New Agriculture Bill in Queen's Speech

The Queen's Speech, setting out the Government's legislative programme for the next two years, includes an Agriculture Bill.

19th Jun 2017


NPA position on Brexit as formal talks begin

As formal Brexit negotiations begin, here is a reminder of our priorities for the negotiations. 

15th Jun 2017


NPA sends open letter to Michael Gove

NPA chairman Richard Lister has sent an open letter to new Defra Secretary Michael Gove outlining the association's position on Brexit.